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Bacolod City, Philippines Sunday, April 15, 2012
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Ninfa Leonardia is among the three pen-and-paper musketeers who plucked a star and made it a daily chronicler. Her daily column continues to reflect the glitter and sparkle of a seasoned observer and commentator of society at-large as she opines on a diverse mix of topics that range from basketball and street tiles to immigration officers and show business. And, of course, there’s also her poetry that welcomes the annual December holiday season.


​Renowned for being Negros’ prominent historian, Modesto Sa-onoy writes about topics that range from Liberation of Negros, Bacolod City’s Charter Day, and the root issues of patronage politics and political dynasties, to pressing issues of the day.

ROLLY ESPINA, From the Center

​Having spent his early journalistic career with the political upheaval of the 70’s and the sugar industry as backdrops, Rolando Espina hits the bull’s-eye on political intricacies and planter-related matters.


His official blurb at the end of his syndicated column says that he is an independent journalist. Let it also be known that Gwynne Dyer earned a doctorate in history and has served in three navies. His commentaries range from international armed turmoil like those in Libya and Syria to the Mayan prophecy of the earth’s end.


​Joel Palacios doesn’t just give readers sensible insights on social issues behind the news – he sees to it that they will have a chuckle or two, and even laugh out loud as they read his column. Proofs of this are some of his articles with titles like “Another Whack” and “Ugly and Happy”.

JUAN MERCADO, In Depth Views

​Having gone full circle from activist correspondent during the Marcos era and as an executive in various news and current affairs organizations internationally and locally, to regular syndicated newspaper columnist, Juan Mercado’s views are indeed, in depth, especially for readers who are looking for quotable quotes on dictatorship, hunger, and the news media.


​Fr. Cimagala’s column for the DAILY STAR has no specific title. But to describe his forte straight, he is the thinking-Catholic’s Conrado de Quiros, or better than that if the readers suppose.


​Benjamin Calderon constantly manages to interweave day-to-day socio-political issues with religious insights. To top it off, his columns almost always end with a humorous anecdote that usually hit home through mini-literary sketches of the country’s politicians, church figures, and the husband-and-wife tandem.

REX REMITIO, Sol y Sombra

Remitio’s column Sol y Sombra or Sun and Shadow is reflective in nature. He ponders on matters of importance and of the law, and on his many travels to various parts of the world. He is a successful lawyer, past president of the Negros Press Club and editor of a weekly paper.

Roy Aguilar, Startoon

Aguilar is the STAR’S resident cartoonist. Throughout the STAR’s life he has brought humor to the opinion page with his commentary on events through his cartoons.

DR. ANGEL ALCALA, Environment and Development

Alcala who writes an environment column for the STAR every Monday is a marine biologist who was conferred the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service in 1992. He served the Philippine government for nine years (1990-1999), as Deputy Executive Director of the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development under the Department of Science and Technology, Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources and later on as first Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education during the Ramos administration.

Alcala is the chairman of the Angelo King Center for Research and Environmental Management at Silliman University.


Gatumbato, who writes commentaries on pressing environment issues in the Environment page of the STAR published every Monday, has had extensive and solid experience in various aspects of environment and natural resources management for more than 20 years. He has received awards and recognition for pioneering the implementation of the National Integrated Protected Areas System, under the auspices of the Global Environmental Facility-World Bank-funded Conservation of Priority Protected Areas Project. He has also served as an independent consultant to numerous conservation projects .


​His crisp and well-presented ideas, especially on food, never fail to hold the interest of his readers. This former Business Manager of the DAILY STAR has expertly transformed the written words from a combo of vowels and consonants into a flavorful of analysis and opinion that has made his column a daily staple for the Negrense readers.

IVY VISITACION, Behind the Scenes

​A veteran broadcaster whose voice has captured the hearts of her radio listeners for years, Ivy Visitacion's upbeat narrative on special events and occasions allows the readers a glimpse into the lives and lifestyle of the VIP members of the Negrense society.


​Those prominent family names and rows of lovely faces, who gather during family celebrations and social get-togethers, have become more familiar to the public through her column. Buddai Piccio also makes it a point to snap a photo or two of celebrities in town, never failing to remind them to give “lola” a beso y beso afterwards


His column serves as a souvenir of special events and gatherings among families and friends. Radjie Caram’s debonair looks gives him that distinction every society columnist needs.

WILLIE TORTOSA, Daily Horoscope

​People looking for that lucky strike should read Willie Tortosa's weekly and daily takes on zodiac signs and birth years. While fate largely depends on the hands of the beholder, dragon tails and Gemini twins may also help horoscope fans to hit the jackpot.*

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