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Bacolod City, PhilippinesThursday, April 12, 2012
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with Rolly Espina

Nokor missile launch,
a PR event

Rolly Espina

Now, if you look at the way things had been built up, the impending missile by North Korea has become an avenue for a nationwide PR program. It is good because it made people more aware of the hazards of falling debris from the satellite launch.

Thus, the entire Luzon area has been put on alert for the possible challenge should any debris fall on earth.

The problem is that with all the scare scenarios used to stoke public awareness of danger of such a launch, experiences in the past have shown that hardly has any debris had fallen from the skies to endanger populations.

Not that it could not happen. But perhaps, the other side to this is the fact that people are being brainwashed to view the North Koreans with suspicion. That they don’t care about the risks of their controversial enterprise.

Normally, when satellites are launched they fall back to earth, most of it burn up in the air or fall down back to earth as small debris. Never as big as houses.

If you notice, no foreign country, including the United States, has issued any warning to Philippine authorities about the danger of the Nokor missile launch. It’s only the Philippine government that has been milking the event for every PR point.

And it has mobilized almost the entire Luzon LGU’s to be on alert for contingence with hardly foreseeable trajectory of the hazardous debris should they pose any hazard to the population.

At least, the majority of the people residing outside of Luzon will just have to watch for developments. I hope that nothing untoward happens.


Prominent personalities in Bacolod must be shaking on their toes now that the police are investigating their names and contact details found in the “bluebook” recovered from the couple caught in an anti-illegal drug raid in Brgy. 5, Sunday.

But the police also hastily added that they are still checking what is their involvement in illegal drug activities in Bacolod, Police Chief Ricardo de la Paz said.

Just the list of names in the so-called “bluebook” seized from Genemlyn Jimenea and a certain Nonoy Amantilo does not automatically means the names in the list are involved in illegal drug activities.

It’s a different matter when the “bluebook” contains details showing who are involved in the purchase and supply of drugs.

Per se, the “bluebook” is nothing but hearsay evidence unless the police can come out with more substantial evidence against the prominent persons named therein.


Will Negrenses’ taste be changed to mutton with yesterday’s Lamb Buffet at the Panaad stadium lobby?

It’s been a long time since Negrenses have tasted mutton and it’s very unlikely that most of them can overnight develop a liking for the delicacy.

Still, that offering at the Panaad can start a change in the taste of Negrenses for mutton and lamb chops.

But it is good, the Negrenses, should be the first to develop a liking for this food delicacy, before we can sell it to the entire nation as had been envisioned by Governor Alfredo Marañon, Jr.

It does not actually take much time to alter our taste for mutton. After all, many Negrenses are fond of eating goat’s meat. And there is not much difference between lamb meat and those of goat. The former, however, is less tangy and more palatable than goat.

Well, here’s to the success of the Negros Lamb Buffet yesterday.


Have you noticed something wrong? How many policemen have been involved in crime, including killings.

Recently, a former Bacolod City policeman Dannis Belandres surrendered to the village leader of Inayawan, Cauayan after shooting a local resident. He had been hiding in the area for more than tow years now.

But in Metro Manila, the police have also put up a dragnet for another policeman involved in the shooting of two others. Earlier another coup was also the subject of a police manhunt for having shot another man.

And yes, recently 20 personnel of the CIDG plus their chief were relieved for alleged involvement in crimes.

And, if you have read the stories in the dailies, another group of policemen were also involved in the abduction and death of another civilian in the metropolis.

Something must be done to put a stop to these nefarious activities of lawmen. They are supposed to be protectors of the people, not their victimizers.

DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo should order a crackdown on erring policemen and should take pains to rid the police of undesirable characters.*

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