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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, February 22, 2012

‘How can I make them like us?’

Dear Tita,

When I was seventeen years old, my boyfriend Jojo invited me to a beach resort out of town and I readily went with him. It was so romantic and quiet that we were tempted to go ‘all the way’. I told myself I did it because I really love him. When my period didn’t come that month, I suspected that I was pregnant. I immediately told Jojo, who turned pale and even asked me if it was really his baby. I felt so insulted that I said awful words to him. After that incident, he suddenly started avoiding me. One day, my mother confronted me while I was vomiting in the bathroom and I had to tell her the truth. My parents were very angry, especially as Jojo disappeared and we learned his uncle took him to Cagayan. I had to stop school and stayed with my Lola until I gave birth to Mimi, my baby girl. My parents helped me finish my college course and I was able to work for a big company here.

After a few months, I met Vic, a junior executive in a progressive company. He began courting me and I felt myself drawn to him. I told him about my being a single mom to Mimi. He was very understanding and showed he cared by bringing Mimi with us when we went out on dates. Mimi adored Vic, who treated her as his own daughter. We began making plans about getting married and Vic wanted to introduce me to his parents. I was nervous about facing them, but Vic assured me it was going to be all right. When we arrived at their house, his mother was civil but not very welcoming. So was his father. All throughout dinner, I could feel the icy gap whenever they spoke to me. When Vic took me home, I told him his parents didn’t like me at all. But Vic insisted that they would accept me in time.

Recently, a friend of mine told me that Vic’s mom told her mother that they could never accept me and my child and that they didn’t want Vic to marry me, a “disgrasyada”. I broke down and called Vic to tell him what I heard and to ask him to forget about marrying me. But Vic said he is sure they will change once we are married. What should I do?


Dear Single Mom,

Vic should realize that no one can force a person to love or like. If his parents don’t like you for their son, no one can force them to change. If he insists on marrying you, you have to make things clear about where you’ll be staying. If you’ll have to stay with his parents, then I would advise you to rethink your decision to marry. Your daughter Mimi will not be happy living with people who do not want her. Some couples have experienced the disapproval of their parents at first. But with time and patience, they have managed to win them over. Hopefully, this could happen to you.


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Pulupandan fiesta
filled with ‘surprises’

The Pulupandan town in Negros Occidental, celebrated its 95th Annual Town Fiesta February 15 with an array of fun and surprises, a press release from the municipality said.

Residents and visitors, gathered in the People’s Grandstand to join the Fiesta Variety Show, an art and musical funfest organized by the municipal government employees, it also said.

The Salapan Dance performance from a selected group of junior students of the Enriqueta Montilla Esteban Memorial High School added color to the people’s festive mood.

The first ever “Bangkarera”, a motor-powered boat race, was held along the coastal areas of the town where people from Guimaras, Panay, and nearby towns gathered to witness the event.

A mini-sportsfest also entertained sports enthusiasts of Pulupandan, and dignitaries joined Mayor Magdaleno Peña for lunch.

Among the visitors were Gov. Alfredo Marañon Jr., Vice Governor Genaro Alvarez Jr., Rep. Jeffrey Ferrer and his wife, La Carlota Mayor Juliet Ferrer, former Rep. Apolinario Lozada, Board Member Joeben Alonso, and mayors Jose Maria Alonso of Pontevedra, Alberto Nicor, Jr. of La Castellana, Frank Nazareno of Moises Padilla, Francis Malabor of Isabela, Paul Alvarez of Ilog and Isidro Zayco of Kabankalan.

The former mayor of Isabela,Renato Malabor, Quito Montilla, Felix Trebol, and former Manapla Mayor, now Executive Assistant to the Governor, Manuel Escalante III were also there, the press release said.

The occasion became more significant when, Bonifacio “Banie” Peña, the once estranged younger brother of Mayor Peña, came, with his other siblings, went to the municipal hall for a grand reunion, the press release said.

A round of applause was heard when Rep. Ferrer approached Mayor Peña and his brother Banie, to raise their hands together symbolizing that “all is well that ends well,” after all “blood is always thicker than water”, the press release also said.

The two brothers had been on unpleasant terms for the last 20 years and their reconciliation signals the union of power for a more successful Pulupandan, if not the entire province, and a balm of cure to heal long-time family wounds, the press release also said.*

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USLS bares Jubillee theme

The University of St. La Salle will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee on the theme “Transforming Lives, Building Communities, Shaping Futures”, that was proposed by senior Mass Communications student Kamille Borromeo, its press release said yesterday.

The theme bested 144 entries submitted by alumni, faculty, students and staff of the university in the contest conducted recently.

The winner will receive P10,000 and a certificate for her entry, that was also used as basis for the logo design contest, the press release added.*

Pulupandan fiesta filled with ‘surprises’
USLS bares Jubillee theme
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