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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, January 4, 2012

My ex is courting
my office mate

Dear Tita,

My boyfriend Ron and I broke off after three years because of his wandering eye. I loved him so much and I would get jealous every time I learned that he went out with another girl. I knew my jealousy was driving him away but I couldn’t help myself. He would often borrow money from me as he was always short of cash. I didn’t mind as I really cared for him a lot and I wanted him to be happy. I even gave myself to him to prove how much I loved him. One time he told me he needed P5,000 so he could redeem his watch which he pawned. I felt so sorry for him that I immediately asked my office supervisor for a loan. I got the biggest shock of my life the day after when a friend told me that Ron was out having dinner with a girl at an expensive restaurant the night before. My friend told me that Ron was treating her to dinner to celebrate her birthday. I was sure he used the money I gave him to treat the girl to dinner and maybe even buy her a gift.

When he came to the house, I confronted him and he tried to deny everything . But when I told him that my friend saw them having dinner, he finally admitted the truth. I was so angry that I called him awful names. He reacted by telling me that we should call it quits if that was how I felt about him. That night he walked away and never looked back. I felt my heart breaking and I cried every night – the pain was so bad.

Almost a year had passed and I began to move on. Lately, I learned that Ron was courting a new officemate of mine. She is quite young and vulnerable – the type Ron likes. I feel sorry for her as I know he would hurt her the way he hurt me. I feel like telling her all about him so she would know what kind of person he is. He had not even paid back the money he borrowed from me. Should I tell her?


Dear Betrayed,

He’s out of your life. Why rake up old wounds by telling this girl about your relationship with Ron? Do you think she would believe you? She probably would think that you are just doing this because you are still in love with Ron. Why don’t you send a bill to him asking him to pay you the money he borrowed from you. I doubt whether he’ll pay you back, being the cad he is. Anyway, leave the past behind. You have the future ahead of you and someday you will look back on this episode in your life and wonder, “How could I have been so foolish”? Then you’ll smile and go on to your new love.


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