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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, July 28, 2012
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Police urge more
security measures

Bacolod City Police Director Senior Supt. Ricardo de la Paz reminded the owners of business establishments in the city, especially those that are operating 24 hours to hours, yesterday to initiate additional preventive measures so their entities will not be victimized by thieves and robbers.

De la Paz issued the warning after the robbery of a gasoline station at the Bacolod downtown area by two unidentified suspects riding in tandem on a motorcycle, and who took about P1,500 in cash at about 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Station 1 commander, Chief Insp. Adonis Rosales, said that the Filoil gasoline station, Gatuslao Branch, has no security guard which made it easy for the suspects to stage the robbery.

He added that the gasoline station had no closed circuit television cameras that could help the police to identify the suspects.

De la Paz said the Filoil gasoline station incident should serve as a reminder to all business establishment owners that they should hire security guards and install CCTVs at their entities for their own protection.

He also advised the public to put up grills on the window of their homes and install security lights and additional locks on their doors.

It is also important, de la Paz said, that those who have guard dogs in their houses should not to feed them at night because these animals are more sensitive when they are hungry and are lazy if they are full.

He also said they expect a rise in the incidence of crimes against properties as August, which is considered a lean month, approaches.*APN

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Guv favors charter change

Negros Occidental Gov. Alfredo Marañon Jr. yesterday reiterated that he favors amendments, not only on the economic provisions of the Constitution, but also on the terms of office of elected government officials.

He said terms of office of local government official should be extended from three years to four to five years, to enable more work to be completed before being interrupted by yet another election.

The governor also reiterated the call for senators to be elected by senatorial districts, and not at-large to allow the Visayas and Mindanao to have equal representation in the Senate.

On the security in the disputed Spratly Islands with China, the governor said that is why he did not want the US bases to leave the Philippines, because they are the best CAGFUs for the region.

Should the US forces be allowed to return to the country, they could be based in Palawan, he said.

On the addition of four new mayors and one politician to the Nationalist People’s Coalition, the governor said, “politics is addition, the more the merrier”.

If more want to join, they are all welcome, he said.

A lot of people also want to the join United Negros Alliance, he added.

The political fever is starting to heat up with the elections nearing, Marañon said.*CPG

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Capitol gets
weather equipment

The Negros Occidental provincial government recently received an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) donated by the League of Provinces of the Philippines in partnership with the Weather Philippines Foundation.

The AWS will be supervised by the Provincial Disaster Management Program Division who sent two of its personnel to undergo training in its operation and installation training in Pasig City last week.

AWS is a meteorological weather monitoring instrument that has the capacity to capture atmospheric and meteorological data such as rainfall, wind speed and direction, humidity, and temperature.

Analysis using the AWS will be done every hour and will be posted online for easy access. As such, it is expected to enhance the provincial government’s weather information system.*

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Guv favors charter change
Capitol gets weather equipment

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