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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, June 30, 2012

My ex-wife’s
creditors are after me

Dear Tita,

My wife Rita and I separated after only three years of marriage as we were completely incompatible. Being young, she preferred going out with her friends rather than staying home to take care of our baby girl. She kept complaining that she was bored at home. I didn’t want to have trouble all the time so I just let her do what she wanted. She would stay out late barhopping with her friends even during the times when our baby had a fever. When I told her to stay home, she would get into a rage and shout at me.

Things got worse until, one day, I lost my temper and slapped her when she screamed at me that she never loved me. She left that night with our baby and didn’t come back. I went to her mother’s place and they told me that Rita had gone to Iloilo, leaving our baby with Rita’s mother. I wanted to get our baby but I knew I couldn’t take care of her because I had to be at work all day, so I decided to let the lola care for our baby.

After a few weeks, I got the shock of my life when some people came to see me asking about Rita’s whereabouts. I asked them why and they told me she owed them a big amount of money, which they wanted to collect. One lady even told me that Rita owed her five thousand pesos for a man’s watch. I became suspicious and began to investigate.

I found out that Rita had a boyfriend, who was jobless, and she was giving him money and expensive gifts. She had gone to Iloilo with him when she left me. I went to see her mother to ask her about this, but they said they didn’t know anything.

Now the creditors are pestering me for payment of Rita’s debts. They even threatened to go to court. Am I liable for the debts that my wife has incurred?


Dear Betrayed,

Since you have not signed anything as co-maker, don’t worry. You didn’t even know your wife was incurring all those debts, including the expensive watch she gave to her lover. She was so bored with you that she found someone who made her life more exciting.

The thing to do now is to find a way to get back your daughter from Rita’s mother. You could always get a yaya or a close relative of yours to care for the baby while you are at work. Your young wife has obviously gone head over heels in love with her lover and even left your child with her mother so she could go with him.

You have to pick up the pieces of your life and move on.


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