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Bacolod City, Philippines Sunday, April 15, 2012
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Leonardia unofficially joined the Visayan DAILY STAR when he established as well as performed the daily updates of the newspaper's website in 2001.

He officially became part of the DAILY STAR family in 2005 when he was taken in as an administrative officer.

"A licensed mechanical engineer (De La Salle University Taft), I am strange animal in the newspaper world," he says.

He handles the administrative staff and some of the business end of operations and currently writes the editorial for the newspaper twice a week and a column for the Starlife section.

He dabbles in photography in his spare time. "If I had more time, I probably would have added photojournalism as among my contributions to the newspaper. I don't call myself a journalist but I do know that I am a proud member of the DAILY STAR family, " he says.

MAJA PEREZ DELY, advertising coordinator

Dely has a Bachelor of Science, Major in Accounting degree from West Negros College now West Negros University, and the person at the DAILY STAR office everybody runs to for help because of her motherly ways.

Dely was one of the original employees of the DAILY STAR when it started 30 years ago, joining the newspaper a few months after it opened to the public.

Through the years she has been part of the editorial group as well as the business group and is currently the person our loyal advertisers turn to for their advertising needs.

The spaghetti that she shares with the staff during her birthday and other special days is exceptional.

"Everything that happens at the DAILY STAR has been part of my life, whether it is pain or happiness, it makes us strong and determined to be still in the paper...it is my other home," Dely says.

She often goes home in the wee hours of the morning to make sure advertisements come out right.

Dely got married while working for the STAR and has three sons.

"I owe where I am now to this company. My children studied in private schools and universities. My oldest son graduated from the University of Saint La Salle as a computer engineer and the two others are still in school," she says.

WEENA OBLIDO MAGTURO, business staff assistant

Magturo has a commerce degree from West Negros University.

Being part of the business arm of the Visayan Daily Star, Magturo has been accepting advertisements and performing other clerical duties in the office since 1983.

The business and editorial staff of the DAILY STAR also look forward to Weena’s birthday for the kutchinta and macaroons that has become one of the many office legends and traditions.

She is also the office disciplinarian, especially when it comes to the younger and rowdier members of the editorial staff.

"I like my job, because I can directly interact with our clients, as well as add a lot of friends to my directory," she says.

Magturo is the office Mother Teresa who goes to the hospitals to check on indigent patients DAILY STAR readers give assistance, too.


Galvan has a Bachelor’s of Science in Commerce, Major in Management from West Negros University who joined the STAR on October 1984.

During the early years of the Daily Star, Galvan went around the city using a bicycle to collect payments and receive advertising materials from advertisers.

After the Visayan DAILY STAR president and editor-in-chief saw him pedaling away on the highway in Sum-ag, the company bought a motorcyle for him to use.

Galvan said he applied at the STAR after he spotted in the Starguide section that the paper was looking for a collector.

He is known for his good nature that endears him to those who come in contact with him, and for his wife who can cook up a feast for the STAR staff.

"I enjoy my job, establishing good relationships with our advertisers, subscribers, officemates and superiors as well, " he says.


Garciniego has an Associate in Marine Engineering degree from the Visayan Maritime Academy and a Bachelor’s of Science in Commerce, Major in Accounting degree from West Negros University.

He started with the DAILY STAR in 1984 as an advertising representative. During his stay, he has also been a police beat and sports reporter. He is currently part of the business group, in charge of book- keeping and other administrative duties. Hernan is also the resident bowling expert and kung fu master.

"During my incumbency, I was able to increase newsstand sales, and subscribers as well, until Leo Star Marketing came in to take over the distribution years later," he says.

"In the late 1987, since we lacked reporters, Carla Gomez taught me how to write and gather news reports. I was tasked to cover the police beat. After almost a year of covering in the field, I was tapped by Vic Salazar, our Sports Editor, then, with the approval of Madam Ninfa Leonardia to help him, as there were lots of sports events to cover at that time," he adds.

To improve my knowledge in sports writing, Madam Ninfa sent me to a number of seminar workshops in Manila and Cebu City, sponsored by Philippine Press Institute. I’ve covered national competitions like the 1996 Philippine National Games in Manila, LGU Olympics in Iloilo, a number of Coke Go-For-Goal events in Cebu, and a lot more,” Garciniego recalls.

"I just couldn’t imagine where I may be now if I had not found myself in the STAR as my other home...The Most High has granted my requests, my children are now self-sustaining," he says.


Garferio is an Applied Electronics graduate from Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College in Miag-ao, Iloilo.

Garferio started working as a watchman when the current Visayan DAILY STAR building was still under construction. He was absorbed when the construction was completed and he currently maintains and cleans the office as well as helps out in the Star Printing production floor as the newspaper is being printed everyday.

“Because of my employment in the Visayan DAILY STAR, I was able to send my children to school,” he says.


Galvan, also known as Tata, is a second generation STAR member being the son of Ronielo Galvan.

He studied computer data processing at West Negros University.

Tata is the youngest member of the Visayan DAILY STAR business department. His duties include collecting due accounts and picking up advertising material of valued clients. He is one of the reasons why the business group remains competitive with the relatively younger editorial group during company outing, and Christmas party games.*

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