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Bacolod City, Philippines Monday, July 30, 2012
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Grand deception


The frenzied push for the passage of the obnoxious Reproductive Health Bill has resumed after President Aquino mentioned in his State of the Nation Address that maybe the problems of education with too many children can be solved by Planned Parenthood. That’s clearly population control.

Like a child who just got another piece of candy Rep. Edcel Lagman was ecstatic and clearly said Planned Parenthood and RH are the same.

This is true because after PNoy got his marching orders from Barack Obama and something else, he started using the same terminology for the RH bill. US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton also used the same phrase that she elaborated in Canada to include contraception and abortion.

These two go together like identical twins although the advocates here in the Philippines like Aquino, Lagman and Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin, avoid the term because abortion is still illegal. However, do you think that, once they succeed with artificial contraception in the RH bill, they will stop there?

Once these people succeed in the RH bill they will move for abortion because their grand deception about maternal health has been swallowed by, according to them, the majority of the Filipino people.

There are many dangers that Aquino and the RH advocates are not telling this nation. Deception is not just telling the lie but withholding the truth as well. Deception is also mixing half-truths with half-lies.

Let us take oral contraception that the Aquino and the RH advocates want to buy with public funds, even if we have so meager funds and distribute them for free in the guise they are concerned with women’s health. What Aquino et al. are not telling us is the high risk of cancer for women who take oral contraceptives.

I will cite just a summary of the findings of many studies on the effect of oral contraceptives on women’s health. Just check with the internet for more study results as space does not allow me this luxury.

The 1995 study by the US National Cancer Institute already showed an increased (high) risk of breast cancer for women who are 35 to 44 years old. For those who take them from age of 18 years, the risks are much higher. It takes 10 years after discontinuance of use of oral contraceptives for the risk to start going down.

The worst case involves the women’s ovaries. The risk of ovarian cancer begins to take effect from three to six months of use and it will take 15 years for this risk to decline. The risk, however, continues even thereafter.

The ovary is the most vulnerable to cancer because most of these oral pills impact on the ovary to prevent the fertilized egg from growing there. This is like making the garden poisonous to prevent any plant from growing on it.

One cannot tinker with nature and get away with it. Nature, I have written many times, always takes its revenge.

But does Aquino, his Department of Health and the advocates tell the women that they are being exposed to higher risk of cancer?

We have many advocates who ran wild against nuclear plants because of possibility of radiation, regardless how small the risk and proof of the effectiveness of safeguards, and the coal-fired power plants because of pollution risks despite the new technologies due to fear of the dangers.

Why indeed do we have to take a risk on something we know is harmful?

But here is the government, headed no less by its president that wants to pay with scarce public funds to expose our women, because perhaps of poverty, despair or vanity, to risks of the deadly cancer that has no cure.

Are these cancers the curse, the revenge of nature? Is it God’s wrath for millions of lives that come from Him as a gift being sacrifice in the altar of material greed? Of course, those who do not believe in God or those who know He exists and even declare they are Christians but refuses to follow Him will reject the affirmative answer to these questions.

The greater blame however is on the head of those who know the dangers, the risks and have the authority, yet consciously advocate these poisons to the woman’s body by deceptively saying it is good for them.

There are those who will scoff at the results of these studies and perhaps even believe they would be able to get away with it. But somehow human experience tells us that those who play with fire have a higher danger of getting burned.

But many refuse to learn from this lesson and many more deceive others for their selfish benefit because they know there is always someone who is vain or hungry enough to swallow their bait.*



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