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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, June 16, 2012

He wants to take
our grandson

Dear Tita,

Our daughter Nita who is a nursing graduate, decided to work abroad as she could no longer stand her husband Dado’s jealousy and possessiveness. I saw the bruises on her body after he beat her up over a jealous fit. He was so irresponsible that he couldn’t keep a job as he frequently fought with his bosses. That is why I advised her to go and leave their 4-year-old son Miggy with us. Dado didn’t want her to go, but after she told him she would send him money regularly, he finally said yes.

My husband and I loved having Miggy with us since he is such a lovable boy. We enjoyed his antics and playfulness. Dado was also enjoying his life as a carefree man-about-town with the money Nita sent him. When she learned that he was spending his money on his paramour, Nita cut down the amount she sent him. This made him mad and he threatened to take Miggy away from us if she didn’t send him the full amount he

wanted. Nita had to agree as she knew Miggy would suffer if Dado took him.

Recently, Dado demanded a bigger amount from Nita as he wanted to buy a car. When she refused, he went to Miggy’s school and picked up the boy without telling us. We were frantic looking for Miggy and even reported the matter to the police. But when the police investigated, they told us Dado had a right to do that as he Is the father. I asked our lawyer and he also said the same thing. I know that Miggy misses us very much as I heard he keeps on crying for his Lolo and Lola. A neighbor told me that she saw Miggy looking dirty and full of mosquito bites. I don’t think Dado takes good care of his son. I can’t sleep at night worrying that Miggy might get sick. Nita is so very worried about her little boy. How can we get him back?


Dear Troubled Lola,

I think Nita has to come back and try to find a solution to the problem. Without her, you can’t make a move to get back Miggy. Dado has parental rights. For now, it’s best if you could gather evidence about Dado’s drunkenness, irresponsibility and whatever else you can find out which would bolster your case if Nita decides to take this up to the court. That way, she can strengthen her right for custody of their son. Dado is using whatever means he can use to force Nita to send him huge amounts of money so he can spend it on his paramour. This is so unfair. It’s time she decides to assert her rights.


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