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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, May 23, 2012

I am the other woman 1

Dear Tita,

I am a career woman, 38 years old and for the past nine years, I have been in love with Rudy, a married man with two kids. I never thought I would be involved in this kind of relationship as my parents are very conservative.

When I met Rudy, there was an instant chemistry between us. He was very charming and caring. I fell for him instantly. It was only after we were already “on” that he told me he was married. I was shocked! I wanted to break off the relationship immediately, but Rudy begged me not to give up on him. He said he was no longer in love with his wife Fe, who he said, was spoiled and very demanding. The only thing that was holding him back was his love for his two sons who were still very young. I couldn’t leave him after I heard his situation.

For years, we kept our affair a secret. It was very difficult for me to be the ‘other woman’ but my love for him kept us going. There were times when I lent him money as he had a lot of expenses. I never collected the amounts I gave him. A couple of years ago, Fe was diagnosed with cancer. I was the one he ran to for money to help with her medical expenses. Fe’s cancer got worse and she died in January, 2011. I condoled with Rudy and helped him cope.

I honestly thought he would marry me after the period of mourning. But he never mentioned marriage even though we were seeing each other a lot. Recently, I learned that Rudy was often seen with another woman. When I confronted him, he said she was just a co-worker. But the thing that made me doubt him was when I heard that he took her to meet his parents and his kids. If he wasn’t serious with her, why bring her to meet them?

What do you think Tita? Am I waiting for nothing?



Dear Other Woman,

For a career woman, you certainly seem to be a “babe in the woods” when it comes to men. YOU’VE BEEN HAD, GIRL! If Rudy could cheat on his late wife for years, what makes you think he couldn’t cheat on you? You were a willing victim, giving him money and free sex anytime he wanted it.

Why are you still waiting? It’s so obvious that he has fallen for someone else. Don’t be a victim forever. Drop him now! You are still young enough to find someone else. Don’t waste your time on a jerk like him.



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