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Bacolod City, PhilippinesSaturday, May 26, 2012

On “forgiving husband”

Dear Tita,

Greetings again. I've just read your column (Tell Your Tita) re: "Forgiving husband (May 19, 2012). The couple in question might find a Retrouvaille Weekend helpful.

The Retrouvaille homepage is here. It is a weekend for couples who are having a very difficult time in their relationship, for whatever reason. Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends, a 'first-cousin' of Retrouvaille, are for couples whose marriage is basically sound but want to deepen it. We have regular weekends here in Bacolod, the next on July 13-15. We had one last weekend.

There aren't any Retrouvaille weekends held in the Visayas. My Columban colleague, Fr. Dave Clay, who is a Retrouvaille team priest based in Manila, would be happy, I know, to answer any questions that 'Forgiving Husband' and 'Gina' might have. His email address is frdaveclay@yahoo.com. (Dave, 'Tita' writes an advice column every Wednesday and Saturday in The Visayan DAILY STAR. Search 'Tell your Tita' on their website for her columns. Today's is not yet there.)

May God continue to bless you and, through you, the readers of your column.

Bacolod City

Dear Fr. Sean Coyle,

Thank you very much for your kind information about Retrouvaille. I'm so glad we now have it available here in Bacolod on regular weekends. I received varied reactions from readers about "Forgiving Husband".

Sad to say some men were not too favorable on his forgiving attitude towards Gina, his cheating wife. I even had a discussion with a husband who said, if it happened to him, he could never trust his wife anymore.

Oh well. "Different strokes for different folks". After all, trust is like a very delicate adornment - once it's broken, it might be repaired but it will never be the thing of beauty it once was. There are so many troubled marriages here and I'm sure Retrouvaille would be a big help. I hope “Forgiving Husband” and Gina would attend and try to find answers to questions still lingering in their minds.

If this could save one troubled marriage, then it would be really worth it. Thank you most kindly. God bless.



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