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Bacolod City, PhilippinesWednesday, September 12, 2012

I want to end this marriage

When I married my husband, Ramon, he was just a messenger for a local company. I encouraged him to finish his college course as I was working by then. Through my financial support and with a lot of sacrifices on my part, Ramon finished his college degree and was able to land a better job.

Things got better and Ramon was promoted to a higher position in their company. Our two kids were studying in a private school and, last year, we decided to buy our own house in a nice subdivision through Pag-IBIG. Early this year, we bought our first car, so Ramon could bring the kids to school before going to the office. I was very happy and contented with the way our life was going.

Little did I know that Ramon was keeping a secret from me.

The problem began when I learned that Ramon had not paid our monthly amortizations for the car loan and Pag-IBIG. I asked Ramon about it and he assured me he would take care of these matters. I decided to check our joint bank account to find out how much savings we had left. I got the shock of my life when I learned that Ramon had been withdrawing huge amounts and we only had a small balance left. When I confronted Ramon, he got very angry and shouted at me for questioning him. I had to shut up as I didn’t want to create a scene while our kids were studying in their room.

I got suspicious and began asking his coworkers who were also close to me. I found out that Ramon was seeing a young promo girl and he was paying for her schooling and apartment near their school. That night, Ramon didn’t come home for supper and he texted me that he was doing some overtime work. I decided to catch him at his paramour’s apartment. When I got there, I saw our car parked in front of the front door. I knocked and a young woman opened. I immediately pushed the door and rushed inside. Ramon was sitting at the sofa in his shorts and slippers! I cursed him and threw my umbrella at him, hitting him in the face. He was too shocked to move. I went home crying and got the kids away.

Now we are still in my parents’ house. Ramon has been trying to contact me but I refused to talk to him. I want to end our marriage but what about our debts with the bank and Pag-IBIG, where I am a co-borrower. Am I liable for them if Ramon can’t pay?


Dear Angry Wife,

You must consult a lawyer about your liability regarding the bank car loan and Pag-IBIG. It is most unfortunate that your husband began having a paramour just when things got better for you and your kids. Now, his infidelity has cost him a great deal of trouble. You could lose your house and your car and everything you worked for all your life. You have to decide if you just want to separate from him or file for annulment of your marriage.

This will cost a lot of money. Can you afford it? I would suggest that you weigh things carefully and not rush into hasty decisions. Are you really sure you want to end your marriage? Your kids must be suffering from this situation. They must be your first priority now.



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